Fujifilm XT2 First Impressions

Here’s a quick Unboxing and first look with the XT2.  Hardware tour as well with some side by side comparisons with the XPRO2.  

X-PRO 2 is Here

It’s here.  In my hands.  I’m a first time Fuji owner.  I won’t be posting an in-depth-technical review of this camera.  However, I will be providing some insight in to how the camera handles and whether or not it works for me.  So …

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Video: A7SII Color Test

Here’s something fun.  I’ve had this camera for a few days now and in those days I’ve recorded a bunch of random footage.  I loaded the clips up in FCPX, slapped a LUT plugin on them, loaded some LUT’s, color adjusted and tweaked exposure to taste.  I am l…

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Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II Video Review & Gallery

Improved and Better.  That sums up this camera.   The below stills were shot all JPG, in Aperture priority.  I used an Olympus 25mm 1.8 lens.  No post processing has been applied, just slapped on a water mark.

Sony A7II and Zeiss Sonnar 35mm 2.8 Unboxing *UPDATE V1*

Here is an unboxing video of the Sony A7II, along with the Sony/Zeiss Sonnar 35mm 2.8.  It truly is an amazing camera.  I am heavily considering to switch over from the Canon DSLR world to this system. Let’s see how it stacks up!  I’m big on handling and holding somet…

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Olympus announces SH-1 Compact Camera – With 5 Axis IS.

It’s true.  Olympus has, once again, changed the game in the Compact camera section.  They’re pumping out a serious camera for the everyday camera users.  Plus it has their renouned 5-Axis Image Stabilization.  This camera looks to be great for traveling, has a 25-600…

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Explained: Sony A6000 Hybrid Auto Focus

It’s important to stay on top of technology these days.  And the way technology moves, it really doesn’t care if you keep up or not.  Sony has always been on the forefront of implementing some complex, sometimes too complex, features in their DSLR’s and Cameras….

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Fuji X-T1 Selling Strong!

Seems like the newest mirrorless system coming out of Fuji’s factories is getting quite the foot traffic. There are a handful of reviews floating around out there, and the general consensus seems to be positive! According to Amazon sales, the X-T1 is the best selling mirror…

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Berkeley Hills + Tilden Golf Course (Gallery)

Over the weekend some of my family visited.  So, what a better way to spend a day than golfing!  We spent the entire day at Tilden Park Golf Course, in Berkeley, CA.  Such an awesome course.  We played two rounds of golf, so by the end of the day we were beat.  On our way [&helli…

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It’s Monday. So here’s some new news.

Happy Monday! Let’s kick things off with some news and rumors. Olympus sales are up! Thanks to the OMD line, Oly is back on the map. And with their latest reports it looks like their focus will be on this line up of cameras. Great for us consumers. Olympus also said they wi…

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