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I’ve been neglecting this site for a little while now. And I apologize. This site was intended to serve as a hosting ground for galleries and review of all mirror less systems. But, as you know this market is growing at such a rapid pace that it’s tricky keeping up with all the changes. Not to worry, I’m refocusing the site to serve as reviews from a hands on perspective and won’t be reblogging as much.

We all know about the A7II and I have preordered one. I am really excited about this camera! I have been using an EM5 for a while now as my daily shooter and s 5D3 as my gig camera and missed the fact the EM5 didn’t have a full frame sensor. Now Sony has shaken that game up. As soon as it’s in my possession I will have a review up shortly after. I will be comparing it to my EM5 and 5D3 as I hope it will bridge the best of both worlds.

In closing, hang tight as there’s going to be a lot more focus put back on this site, more galleries from my day to day with my mirror less cameras, and more reviews!


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