Gallery: Sunday Funday in SF

Several months ago my Wife and I headed into San Francisco.  Stopped at a few spots along the way for some photo ops, and overall had a solid day.

All images taken with a OMD E-M5 and Oly 25mm 1.8

P3160765 P3160767 P3160772 P3160782 P3160792 P3160797 P3160800 P3160801 P3160820 P3160821 P3160822 P3160824 P3160828 P3160831 P3160834 P3160836 P3160850 P3160851 P3160857 P3160879 P3160897 P3160923 P3160937 P3160941 P3160942 P3160949 P3160956 P3160961 P3160963 P3160972 P3160975 P3160980 P3160981 P3160989 P3160990 P3160992 P3160997 P3160998 P3161004ography


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Niklas Pedersen
Niklas Pedersen
10 months 12 days ago

I love these photos, are they straight out of camera or are they edited? They all have a very consistant look to them, is it filters or what??
Thank you !

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