It’s Monday. So here’s some new news.

Happy Monday! Let’s kick things off with some news and rumors.

Olympus sales are up! Thanks to the OMD line, Oly is back on the map. And with their latest reports it looks like their focus will be on this line up of cameras. Great for us consumers.

Olympus also said they will be focusing on new lenses versus new camera styles, at least in the near future. Rumor has it a f/1.0 lens is in the works. That would be amazing!

There’s scuttlebutt around new firmware coming for all the current OMD cameras. These people say updates to the EVF are coming. Who knows?! I know I would like to see firmware updates to improve on the video side of things. Higher bit rates and more options for frames would be incredible… But I won’t hold my breath!

What do you want to see?



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