Berkeley Hills + Tilden Golf Course (Gallery)

Over the weekend some of my family visited.  So, what a better way to spend a day than golfing!  We spent the entire day at Tilden Park Golf Course, in Berkeley, CA.  Such an awesome course.  We played two rounds of golf, so by the end of the day we were beat.  On our way down the Hill we stopped by Indian Rock, which is a massive rock that overlooks the entire Bay Area.  It’s such an amazing view.  I had with me my E-M5 and trusty 25mm 1.8.  Here are some of the shots taken throughout the day.  I love this lens and camera combo.  This weekend coming up I’m headed to Disneyland, with my family and niece who has never been there yet!  So expect a lot of photos coming up next week.  Again, all will be taken with my E-M5 and 25 1.8.  Stay tuned!


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